Welcome to Fruitcake Designs - mixed media jewelry and small home decor.

My jewelry is made with vintage, up-cycled and modern materials. We use the soft-soldered, Tiffany method of construction. Only lead-free jewelry-grade solder is used on wearable items.

Being a mixed media artist means that, often, you will see glass, gemstones, tin, feathers, clay, buttons, beach stones and much more incorporated into the designs.


Fruitcake is Vintage Inspired! I love to hunt out vintage tins , beads and old things to incorporate into my work. I try to state when these are being used. Upcycle is still alive an well!


Fruitcake is Magic Inspired! I love all things Mystical, Moonbeam and Symbology related. This year, I plan to work on projects that share my inner Witch and let you shine with yours as well.


But most of all Fruitcake is Fun, Fanciful and one of a kind. I hope I live up to that

every day. Jewelry should be your personal glamour, talisman and protective armor. ♥ 

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