ABOUT the Artist: 


Jennifer LaRosa Hicks  is the creator of Fruitcake Designs.

Jennifer is a Rhode Island based, self taught artist and jewelry designer. She has spent many years learning various mediums such as drawing, painting, sewing, and creating new objects from thrifted ones. 


A few years of dedicated practice to soldering, using the tiffany stained glass method, led to working with copper, brass, and other metals to create one of a kind magical objects. All jewelry is made with lead-free solder and is safe to wear! 

Jennifer has a passion for  hunting for vintage items, such as old tins ( tv trays,tea,decorative ) to use in her work. It is lightweight and upcycled! Vintage finds are a big part of her work and it adds to the Fruitcake Flair.

Fruitcake Designs hopes your pieces become a treasure for you to keep or give as gift. Both are great options! 


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