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Hello! I am Jennifer LaRosa Hicks, creator of Fruitcake Designs


It's me, I'm the Fruitcake, It's me

Jennifer is a Rhode Island based, self taught artist and jewelry designer.

A few years of dedicated practice to soldering, using the tiffany stained glass method, led to working with copper,brass, and other metals to create special and magical objects. All jewelry is made with lead free solder and is safe to wear!

Jennnifer has a love of vintage items and their stories. She uses pre-loved vintage tins in her work - it is lightweight and upcycled! Most pieces are one of kind, and will be a fantastic treasure for you to keep or give as a gift. Both are great options!

She also wants you to know she's done a million craft shows and loves all the micro connections and conversations she has had at them. The literal BEST.


Lattes with Oatmilk
Anything Witchy and Magical
Spotify all day while I  work
Necco Wafers
80's Alternative Bands
My cats Beans & Brando
Dark Chocolate
Walks in the Woods
Making Craft Show displays
Making Soup from   scratch
Brand new art supplies
Yard Sales & Flea Markets
Being Barefoot as often as possible



comming in September!

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