"Acapulco” released by Villeroy & Boch in 1967  is one the brightest and most colourful dinnerware patterns of the 20th Century, and is still highly popular on the secondary market. The design was in production until 1994.

It inspired many look alike designs by other companies riding on its popularity.

This colourful and now iconic design was created by Christiane Reuter – said to be inspired by paintings she saw on a visit to Mexico. - C20 Ceramics.net


This set is almost mint condition, one cup has a hairline in it, not super noticible.

The stamp on the bottom is blue, so from the original late 60's sets.


So vivid and cute! Hard to part with. ( The original set had matching tea cup saucers, this is just the cups.)


Villeroy & Boch Cups


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